Maybe it’s not that women are “more complicated” than men. Maybe men are just too simple. -me

Me: What sammich do you want from the place?
Fiancee: The Caesar Wrap
Me: (giggles) My name is Julius Caesar and I’m here to say I got hella stabbed in a major way
Fiancee: (pause) What the hell was that?
Me:…The Caesar Rap

Oscar Wilde — ‘Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.’

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Clara: “…Are you going to start talking like a normal human being?”

Doctor: “I promise I won’t.  I’m being nice.”

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Sailor Moon’s parents

I’ve noticed both in the old Sailor Moon show and in Crystal (and I’m assuming the manga), Usagi’s parents are absolute rubbish

There’s something surreal about Stephan King and Bill Murray sharing a birthday

Gaiman on fear

"Fear is contagious.  You can catch it.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to say that they’re scared for the fear to become real."

     —-Neil Gaiman

      The Graveyard Book, pg.174

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